Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i am get so emotional

Okay this one is kind of tragic story and bit of sensitive issue . i dont know why i am get so emotional when it comes something that really touch my heart eventhough the things is kind of not so important i feel like i am LOSER left behind others. Its awful for me. it was and really it is.
I try to be best in everyone needs , in everyones mind , in everyones situation .. but mostly i dont get any serious friendly feedback from them. it shittish. i know i am not the best to get involve it neither to be with fun . I am sorry i am not that kinda special in your eyes . but i do care everything whatever it happens , whatever maybe something warn you because i do care you like i do everyday.

I am sorry for everything , i am sorry for making up you sad like almost everyday.
its accidently happen and not my intention ♥

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