Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mere Pehla Pyaar.

here we goes the story , i dont have anybody called first love eventhough i already being
in love. i dont think anyone that i couple is my first love.
Did you guys realise what it is means by first love? i hope you guys know really well so i dont have to
mention anything about this definition. definitely not .

well open to my awful love chapter , i dont have anyone called love or first love.
they are just villains , villains for jism (lust) . thanks you very much for that my villains.
i have three villains. three villains that never appreciate me as i am the only one appreciate them.
dont want to screw up this story , i dont want neither to wrote their names in it because they are just
trash memory for me , they are TRASH . sorry for being rude words for you's..

if you asking me , ' why you do not want to find or open to someonelse ' or maybe ' why you already single and never find'?
and my answer is , i am happy with my single suppaa singgger in my life . i dont need nobody to share with nobody to
understand and nobody to feel what i really mean to feel . i have everybodyelse besides LOVEONES . they are most valuable rather
than to have villains that never appreciate me in life.

and when you asking me again , ' do you want to be single on whole all your life '
then i will answer this , SORRY , i am not be. i will not be single for entire my life. i want my one is with me. besides near infront
back left right ups downs with me. i dont want to find someone right now because i am eager beager scared if my love never happen.
I will waiting patiently that miracle will happen. i need someone that really can bimbing ,appreciate , love ,respect everybody ,
shares everything , beriman and etc in positive attitude to me. i will wait eventhough i am lonely right now. that is my mere pehla

do you guys thinks what do you have right now is MERE PEHLA PYAAR or FIRST LOVE?
think back again. do you feel? do you mean love? think my dearie friend ,

with loveee ,

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