Monday, March 7, 2011


Today's Monday , what a lovely bright day today . aw thats cutee farah ! (:
i have class Macroeconomics at 4pm after this, and tomorrow is my Marketing test which is i have to badly struggle hard ! memorising each chapter very well ! my gosh its until chapter 5 dude. im not that einstein to read but i am good memorising to read , how cool is that? wee-hee

inspite of that my friend of mine RAJA NABILA SYAZWANEE , is very hardworking study marketing am so proud of it
and anther friend of mine, YUSRA NAZRI  is missing in action , ADELLA AIRA i dont know what shes doing currently. well girls, study hard naa !! (:

and myself surfing upp on the floor , mumbling aloner writing myself a new speech at blog. wow and non study. sangat rajin belajar . terimakasih ;D

and now my room is in a romantic soulest mood , my god someone is open ' BELLA LUNA' song like serious many time HEARD, oftenly yesterday BERKUMANDANG and thank god once for today ;D

okay lah ttyl , byeeeee ! Have fun with all your stuff k buddyyy.

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