Monday, May 9, 2011

Balance Holidays

its been few days i am enjoyed myself for holidays. Currently i am freee to write and free spending time more on writing . and i guess i need to be more more and more keep writing so i am confidently to express everything what had happened sourrounding me , and the phenomenon of the entire world. 

and its been screw up lately with the news of kenaikan harga. and practically that is not a good news .
and the Manchester United was won for the perlawanan with Chelsea. glory glory united ♥

and its my 8days of holidays i am spending myself with my family at home. it feelss so bless. sometimes bukan i dont want to go out spend time with the friends but i am missing my home somuch. and its wild 2 months i did not went home like crazy. can you guys imagine  kan. because i am way too busy struggled for my last final and alhamdullilah i can do it .. and thats why im not feeling to going out with friend somehow bukan sebab i am too sombong bukan.. i miss them so much , but i miss my mom my dad my siblings and i need more time with em'  too.. bukan takmau keluar tau girls , hope you girls understand me. imma too homesick and thatswhy ♥

and its only have 16 days more to my RESULT DAY. huu speechless dah. dont know how well my result is. feeling heartbeat faster dah. pray alots :)

and yet i am now trying to spend time more in balance way. to family and girlfriend. maybe i take weekdays to go out with em and weekend imma with family moree . and bukan weekdays ja suka2 keluar because the weekdays pun i need to spend time with my siblings also. ookay i know i am good kakak kan .hehe.

I hope my planning on this holiday will success and makes everyone happily ever afterrr ♥ thats all for now. byeee <3

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