Saturday, March 5, 2011

G o s s i p g i r l

i am getting in love with GOSSIP GIRLS series like badly and i already have complete collection for their series and more seriously to write is i love C-H-U-C-K & B-L-A-I-R !
theres so much attitude !

Gossip girls getting awesome and more hypocritilism in elite cities with bad good phenomena consist of evils planner and few new characters to join and makes this series looking more COMPLICATED .

every season every episode ada je conflict which is making us wonders actually ! i loike it those very much.
and besides that i am getting myself full series of GLEE but i dont know who have it . i wannaa it so muchh.

whatever back to my addiction of  GOSSIP GIRLS ! i was in passionate looking cheeky to chuck bass because of his soulest voice and romantic versions of walking ! haha might hes just being A GUY than DAN who is playing hard his character to get over with SERENA by complicating himself towards other girls and sourroundings. NATE looking so macho because of his loyal love towards blair at first place and VANESSA and JULIET . okay many girls. but the girls actually dumped him nor himself and BLAIR is looking fasinanting with her tone of having and wearing those branded brand and the way she talk and her bad planner , i effin love her so muchhhhhhh! okayyy i am sound so obsessing right now.

With inspiring words come out from BLAIR , SERENA getting so close with here. With motivating words come out from SERENA , BLAIR getting so close with serena. thats why they are both meant be BFF's in this series. and they look awesomeee .

conclusions is i love that series so muchh!

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