Saturday, March 5, 2011


Great effin weekend for everybody ! its S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y . oh my bitting harsh , this weekend are not personally my great day , today i went to CERAMAH MODUL actually this is the cumpolsary activities for every students in UiTM . and yet i thought the ceramah was bored but it wasnt the speaker was awesome , and i put gain on my briefcase head that i realising how important life and worth for me to grew well and be SOLEH person (:

okay back to my lazy bum history of the day,
ALL MY GF's are basically have fun at AIRTERJUN which is~ i quite jealousyy,
pathethic for me that i am so get lazy  bum to go with em' , HOW i am MISS MY DAY !

nevermind we can go over there in other days. there not going anywhere pun kaaaaaan .
and TOMORROW SUNDAY ! i have kembara with UiTM , ayoo saya malas to walk down across over JENGKA laa. its makes me sick =.= so awful

but i will get my own reason then , escaping from kembara. muahaha. thats bad's planning. well idc much abt that. 

And MONDAY ! i have to prepare my own memorising for MARKETING test 1. and its bloody hard day for me. and WEDNESDAY i have presentation ! which is i have to present with it and jury by panels (lecture and other students) will conduct for marks ! and the marks consists of 5% and its ALOTTTTTTSSS!!

and i am enjoying myself aloner here with twitter and surfing at floor. wahaha how cool is that?
being waiting for em' , TAK INGAT BALIK DAH KA? =.= okay that jokeee.

and thats all for now. ttyl then . xo

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